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Hello.  My name is Troy Mason.  I live in Houston, Texas and I am the owner of:
To understand what my companies are all about, I need to take you back a few years.
You see I absolutely love to created products and services based on simple little problems that I notice.
I think God gave me this pretty cool gift because it has allowed me to live a very good life even though I have never had a real job. This is all I have ever done my entire life.
I'm pretty sure I was born this way because my mom told me that when I was 3 years old, she took me to an Easter Egg Hunt, and I was selling the eggs I found to the other kids for a dime! You know I couldn't make that up! Lol
Well any way let's take a quick look at some of the companies I have created over the years.
Dream Starters
In 1997, I heard a lady ask a kid what he wanted to be when he grew up.  The kid answered, a Firefighter.  The lady said that's nice and went on about her business.  I remember thinking... That shouldn't have been the end of the conversation... that should have been the beginning!
It was then that I realized that this simple question  "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up"  has been asked to everyone as a child, but no one had ever thought to create a product or service around this question.
So Dream Starters was born. We work with schools to dress and photograph students in career attire that we provide.  Then we place a background in the picture that simulates the career the child has an interest in.  We then provide each child with an Occupation Guide, which gives them step by steps instructions on how to reach their goals.  To date, Dream Starters has helped over 400,000 children to set positive career goals.  I still provide this service for children, and I will continue to do this for the rest of my life, because it brings me tremendous joy.
One last thought about Dream Starters I often work with very low income schools and if a child has a dream but does not have the money to participate with the other children, I always pay for it out of my pocket.  I have NEVER turned away a child, and never will.  You guys are the first people I have ever shared that with.
Wisdom In
Over the years I have become friends with many educators through my Dream Starters business.  One day I was watching the news, I saw an educator I knew who had a problem on her campus and the news portrayed her in a negative manner.
I knew that she was a very caring and dedicated educator and I thought to myself... The only time you see a camera pointed at an educator is when something is wrong.  So I decided to do something about it.  I contacted some of my sponsors and asked if they would support me in doing a positive story on her, so that people could see the amount
of effort and dedication she put into being an educator.  My sponsors said, of course.  So I did a positive story on the Principal and put it up all over the Internet to insure that if anyone Goggled her, they would be sure to get both sides of the story. She loved what I did for her so much that she asked if she could nominate some other deserving educators. So Wisdom In was born.  To date, I have interviewed hundreds of educators, and I plan to continue doing this for the educators nominated on our website.
I created 3 really great products that I believe would bring a lot of value to people.
Zlicense which is a clear plastic sleeve for people's driver license that allows access to a secure online emergency file people set up and maintain for all types of situations.
ZPet Tags which is one of the cleverest pet tag you will ever see. It uses many strategies to help people get their lost or stolen pet back.
Zscholars which is a set of Life Lessons parents and grandparents can use to teach the children they love how to make the best decisions in all types of situations.
In my opinion this business is a home run for people looking to earn an extra income.
Our Zsurvey program makes it easy for the average peson to earn money.
As one of our Affiliates all you have to do is conduct a few surveys and allow our automated marketing system to do the heavy lifting for you.  This means that if you suck at sales (and most people do... Lol) you can still become successful with us and earn thousands of dollars a month.
Anyone can give a quick 5 question survey to 10 people in a couple of hours.  Once your prospects are in our system It's just a matter of time before they purchase our something and the moment they purchase because of our automated marketing system, whether it be a week later, a month later or a year later you as the Affiliate who surveyed them will earn a 50% commission.
The best part is that our automated marketing system is like the T-100 Terminator...  It never forgets and it will never get tired in its efforts to close the sale for you.  Haha, I wonder if you got that T-100 joke?
So, in conclusion, I want you to know that in my story I used the word "I" a lot, but I have a dedicated group of really smart people around me to help me make all of this possible.  Everyone is super excited about what we are building and so am I, because I truly believe that this company is special, and that one day it will make a lot of people wealthy.
If you feel the same as we do, I would like to invite you join us in our efforts to provide value to people across the world!   Welcome to!
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