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We have created a fully automated marketing system for our Affiliates!

Oct 16, 2016

It is now possible for anyony to be successful with us as an Affiliate. We now have a 100% automated marketing system that is triggered by people who go to your website and complete the survey.

This solves some really big problems because even though we have really great products it is impossible to sell a pet tag to a person who soesn't have a pet and it is difficult to sell our Zlicense medical sleeve to people who may not appreciate the benefits that it provides. When a person takes our quick 5 question survey they become prospects for the products that fit for them.

Our system then promotes to them over time. The goal is to provide the prospects with valuable information that they can use based on their needs. At some point and time they can grow to understand the benefits and the value our products can bring them.

It works!!

Not only that, our website, survey cards and business cards allow you to easily generate as many leads as you want for product customers as well as potential business parnters!

If you have not seen the website go check it out and give it a test drive! It is one of the most innovative systems you will find anywhere!

Finally ready!

Aug 15, 2016

Hello this is Troy from Zlicense.

At some point and time over the past 18 months you became an Affiliate of Zlicense. I imagine you joined us because you believed in the product and you believed that it could allow you to earn the income you desired.

Since the beginning I have worked to refine our opportunity to the point of where I have figured it out! (It only took 18 months) Lol

We now have a total of 5 products so the original idea has grown so much that I decided to change the name of the parent company from Zlicense to

Of course we still have our great product which helps people to be prepared for medical emergencies and a lot of you may know that the second product I added to our product line was which is a super clever pet tag to help people to get their lost or stolen pet back. However, we now have a product named Career Posters which is a neat way to inspire children to dream big.

We have another product for children named Life Lessons which helps parents and grandparents to teach the children they love how to deal with all types of important situations they will encounter as they grow up.

We have even added a service named WiFi which allows people to watch unlimited HD movies, TV shows and sporting events at a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite TV.

Where as anyone of these products alone are great, as it turns out when we placed all of them together in a Fundraising Catalogue that schools, churches and other groups could use to raise money we caught lighting in a bottle!

With this combination of products we can virtually take over the multi billion dollar fundraising industry. I’m not kidding!

THIS IS HUGE. I am having a conference call to share with everyone how you can call the schools in your area and share with them how our products provide much better value to the community than the typical candy and cookie dough fundraisers they are thinking of using.

You see in a head to head battle we easily beat those other products.

Its easy guys… all we have to do to make the thousands of dollars is provide a better product than cookie dough! Haha

For your efforts you can earn thousands of dollars for simply making the phone calls to the schools in your community to let them know that there is a better company to use. We handle everything else and you get paid.

You have to see the kind of money involved in this industry! It’s crazy!

The key to all of this is that whether you call them or not they’re still going to do a fundraiser, so you might as well be the person getting the huge commission check instead of the candy or cookie dough guy!

Well I hope this message finds you in good spirits and ready to finally make some real money because I promised you all that if you stuck with me I would figure out how to make it happen and I have done just that!

Go to the website and our fundraising website if you haven’t seen it lately and let me know what you think.

Can’t wait to talk to you guys on the conference call that we will be having on Every Friday at 9pmCST / 10pmEST! 

The number to call for the conference is 641-715-3655 Access number 750578.  If you have sponsored anyone into the business please give them a call or send them a text and encourage them to get on the call.  

Please get on 5 minutes early if possible.

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ZLicense is now under the umbrella company Ztegrity Inc.

May 24, 2016

It has taken us 2 years to develop our 5 great products to bring to market. Each product is unique and has a twist to it that brings true value to our customers. This news section of the website is designed to keep you up to date with what's going on with the company on a day to day basis.

As an Affiliate you now have multiple websites from which you can market our products.

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