When Choosing A Secured Credit Card

you should always consider your personal needs

The ZBlackCard has more in common with a High End Rewards Card than any Secured Credit Card on the market.
  • Online Bank Account
    Online Bank Account
    Your Secured Credit Card comes with a routing and account number.
  • Cash Rewards
    Cash Rewards
    Simply share your metal ZBlackcard with others to earn the highest cash rewards ever offered by any card provider.
  • Secured Card
    Secured Card
    Your ZBlackcard works like a Secure Credit Card without the initial large deposit to secure your credit limit.
  • Elite Rewards
    Elite Rewards
    Earn Elite Rewards like gas, vacations, shopping sprees, and even a new car valued at $75,000
  • Privacy
    Our system is designed to keep your information confidential even from Ztegrity employees.
  • No Hidden Fees
    No Hidden Fees
    Take advantage of your spending by experiencing no hidden fees on your card.
  • Painless ATM Withdrawls
    Painless ATM Withdrawls
    Withdraw money from your ZBlackcard at over 70,000 ATM's nationwide
  • Free Bank Teller Withdrawls
    Free Bank Teller Withdrawls
    Walk into any bank and withdraw up to $5,000 per day without having to be a customer of that bank.

Manage your money
with our online app

  • 01
    You can do direct deposits and money transfers to your card.
  • 02
    Save a ton of money on a number of fees with your card
  • 03
    You can withdraw your money from bank tellers at any bank.
  • 04
    You can use the Ingo App, Paypal, Western Union or Moneygram to load your card.
  • 05
    There are no point of sale fees with your card
  • 06
    There is never any late fees, overdraft fees, or transfer fees.
  • 07
    Over 70,000 in network ATM machines in network.

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3 easy steps

to get your ZBlackCard

  • Complete your application (Everyone is APPROVED)
    Complete your application (Everyone is APPROVED)
    Step 1
  • Build your dream ZBlackCard to your specifications
    Build your dream ZBlackCard to your specifications
    Step 2
  • Get your card within 14 days of placing your order
    Get your card within 14 days of placing your order
    Step 3

Your ZBlackCard allows you to secure the credit limit you desire

Other secured credit cards require you to deposit the entire amount upfront to secure your credit limit. We allow you make small monthly payments to secure your credit limit. Your monthly payments are reported to the credit bureau to help you build good credit. Coming Soon…

Loyalty Cardholder Bonus

When the sum of your monthly payments equal your secured credit limit, we will add a loyalty bonus to your card equal to your credit limit. This Bonus is backed by a $1,000,000 bank account.
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